Captain's Log: Day 255

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This is the end.

As Nathan and I were walking in San Francisco, we passed this large building called AT&T Stadium - home to the San Francisco Giants. I looked around to find such large creatures, but to no avail. Nathan then explained that the SF Giants is a baseball team, not actual large creatures. I found that quite disappointing. As we began to walk away, I felt myself grow very weak. I looked up and saw a giant portal open above the stadium with several thousand Boredoneons flying out this time. We were under attack again!

Nathan and I fought fiercely, putting all the Curios we collected from our journey into creating towers to defend Earth. The Boredoneons started flying to all the amazing locations around San Francisco that Nathan and I journeyed to. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Mission, the Japanese Tea Garden and most importantly, the boba place in Palo Alto. I was so enraged that I released all the Curios inside me to grow to gigantic proportions. Now I was San Francisco's giant. I ran to the portal and started smacking down Boredoneons out of the air as the towers on the ground took down the invaders that flew out of my reach. Nathan couldn't help but watch with worry as I was sapped of my curiosity. I could feel the essence of my being, my very curiosity fading away. Was this how it would end? Would my journey and discovery of Earth been for naught?

I was about to give up when Nathan started reading out random facts on his phone about other landmark locations on Earth. He spoke in great detail about the Seven wonders of the world and how there are multiple categories of such places. He yelled that there are several awe-inspiring places around the world I must travel to, so many experiences I have yet to have on Earth. He then yelled for me not to give up because there are still thousands of Boba shops in the world I have yet to visit. This gave me the strength to keep fighting and unleash my remaining Curios in a massive attack on the portal itself. The last thing I remember was watching the portal explode as I shrunk back to normal size and fell from the sky...

When I woke up, I was in Nathan's arms again sitting at the very park I met him in when I first arrived on Earth. Nathan brought several friends who were all staring at me. Their very presence and observation of me generated a mini Curio sphere that floated above them and provided me with energy. Nathan explained that after I fell from the sky, he caught me and rushed me to my ship to try to find a way to revive me. He realized that I needed intense exposure to curious energy so he introduced me to several of his friends who wondered what I was. It was their very curiosity that revived me. I was moved my Nathan's care and impressed by his quick thinking. However, the moment did not last long.

In the distance I saw more Boredoneon portals appear as they started flying across the horizon, attacking the large Curio spheres floating over San Francisco. I was sure the same was happening all over the world - Earth was being drained of its curiosity. I could not let Earth suffer the same fate as Curia. I had to save this small, fragile, yet lively planet full of other curious beings. But I could not defend Earth alone. I needed to find my fellow CurioPets and bring them to Earth to help defend against the Boredonens. In that moment, I realized that humans and CurioPets must work together to cultivate each other's curiosity through their adventures and experiences. We must bring back the burning curiosity that lies within us all by exploring the world and understanding more about it.

Alas, in order to recruit my fellow CurioPets, I would have to part from Earth and begin my next journey before it was too late. This meant that I would have to leave my traveling companion and best friend Nathan. Nathan started emitting water from his eyes as we said goodbye. I'm not sure why humans generate water when they are sad, but I found myself starting to exhibit similar behaviors as I jumped back onto my ship. Before I passed through the portal and left Earth, I promised Nathan that I would return and send other CurioPets ahead of me to help in the fight against the Boredoneons. Together we would grow mankind's curiosity and save the Earth. This was not a sad ending of a wild adventure, rather it was the beginning of a new one. Today marked the beginning of the a new adventure that humans and CurioPets will experience together.

So now as I head back into the emptiness of space to search for my fellow CurioPets, I want to leave this message for all humans to read - Be on the look out for golden portals that appear in the next couple of weeks. CurioPets will soon emerge and the two of you must work together to travel the world and cultivate curiosity alongside those around you. CurioPets need human's care and guidance while navigating Earth. Humans need CurioPets' proclivity for adventure and adorable appearance to motivate them to travel the Earth to spread curiosity. CurioPets will help humans connect with one another and provide a unique companionship that cannot be created anywhere else. Beware the dark purple portals that appear and if you encounter one, gather your friends and defend Earth with your CurioPet companion. I am confident that humans and CurioPets will be able to generate a synergy and bond strong enough the help one another in our quest to make Earth more curious.

Good luck.

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 254


Nathan and I visited The Mission today to see “The Lilac Mural Project,” a collection of street art that local humans do. Nathan explained to me that visual art, such as painting and drawing, are another way that humans express themselves. I hurt my paw on a piece of debris while walking. Against my numerous complaints, Nathan picked me up and carried me throughout the rest of the Mission so I could continue to collect Curios.

As we walked around the Mission, we collected several Curios that gathered around several buildings with wall-art. I am amazed by how many Curios have gathered in such a dense area. Nathan explained that San Francisco is one of the many cities in the state of California, which is one of the 50 states in the country called USA, which is one of the 195 countries on Earth. I can't imagine how many Curio spheres must be scattered all across the world.

The longer I stay on Earth, the more confident that I am that this location is suitable for my fellow CurioPets to inhabit. Not only is this planet abundant in Curios, but it also has boba! I'm sure my fellow CurioPets will love this sugary drink as much as I do! Furthermore, I think that humans may be helpful companions to travel with. Nathan may move slowly, have a poor sense of smell, and rely on his phone device, but I must say he is quite knowledgable, curious, and kind. I believe that one day we may come to be friends...

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 253

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Off to the beach! To celebrate the planting of our first Curio seed, we headed to Half Moon Bay to collect all the Curios in the area. It was a long drive, but the view was amazing! Earth really is beautiful. Nathan stopped for lunch in this train car, which I found quite odd.

Afterwards, we headed to the beach and walked along the coast collecting Curios. I found a nice spot atop a hill where I rested and sunbathed. While walking along the coastside, Nathan found some interesting seashells, I added them to my collection. He also found a beach ball and we faced off in a grueling match of a game of "Volleyball" For a two legged creature, he was a worthy adversary.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted from running around and absorbing Curios. We returned to this restaurant near Nathan's home called Zareen's. The food was quite nice. I was more interested however in their free Chai tea, which tasted like hot boba. I prefer the cold one with the black balls more. I look forward to another day of adventure and hopefully boba.

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 252


Today, I planted my Curio seed. This seed will grow into a new hub for curiosity to spawn and provide me with Curios directly even if I'm not nearby. I wanted to wait before doing this but it seems that we cannot take any chances with the recent Boredoneon attack. They could attack at any moment and we had to be ready.

Nathan seemed a little irritated that I never told him about the Curios seed and I explained to him that I only had one seed with which to plant. In order to gain more seeds to create my own hub, I needed to collect far more Curios. One must satiate their curiosity deeply before they can share it with others. I planned on planting several more on Earth before I departed on my next journey. But, now I question what my next journey will be... 

Despite planting my Curios seed, I’ll urge Nathan to take me to another Curios-heavy location tomorrow. I need to start gaining more energy in order to plant another one. After a long day of collecting, we finished off with a meal called Poke. Humans have such strange ways for naming their foods.

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 251


Today we explored Stanford University, a large campus that he attends for school. I find the idea of an educational institution quite interesting. Us CurioPets simply learn from satiating our curiosity from the experiences we gain through our travels.

While I accept that collective knowledge can be shared and supplementary resources can be provided through such institutions, I find that they partially limit one's curiosity by confining the students to small rooms called classes. I decided to sit in on a so called class with Nathan. I've never been so bored in my life. The topic of discussion, the etymology behind certain foods of different human cultures was quite interesting, but I found the dialogue constrained. I felt the curiosity seeping out of me when I sat up and told everyone that we should move the conversation to a culinary location in order to experience such first hand. I was promptly kicked out of the class. Honestly I was glad I was kicked out because I was starting to fall asleep.

I think humans have much to learn in the ways of educating. Nathan told me that the majority of classes at Stanford are much more engaging and hands on, however, most school in the US have even more boring classroom environments. I can't believe that is even possible. It seems that I have another job on my hands - help cultivate human's curiosity. These educational systems are failing to cultivate that which encourages learning - curiosity. Severe reform is needed in order to address this alarming issue which effects the population's youth and future. But that's enough for today. For now I'm going to go look for some boba to perk me back up.

~ Coop signing off


Captain's Log: Day 250


After days of hard work of collecting Curios, I decided it may be better to take some time to relax. Nathan took me to a vast park called Dolores Park, where we had a great view of the city. It was crowded with people, so naturally there were Curios, but we were able to just lay on the grass and relax.

Just for today, I wanted to pretend there was no danger of an invasion.

While laying in the park, Nathan explained that today is a holiday known as Labor Day. During which, people take time off of work and relax with their families at home. I miss my family… I wonder where in the stars they are now...

~Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 249

Making Smoothie.gif

My Curios reserves continue to remain depleted. While there are resources here in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco area, it may be time to explore other places to see if there may be Curios outside this area. If the answer is yes, then it would be worth seeking back-up from the rest of the exploration guild to mine the planet.


We decided to go to a place called “Santa Cruz,” which is an approximately an hour drive from where Nathan lives. Nathan thought it would please me as well that Santa Cruz is a place where I can further observe the ocean. There were definitely Curios here. Large groups of people flocked to the area to visit what is called Boardwalk. They had several machines which people rode out of amusement. Nathan explained that humans go to places called amusement parks to have fun by eating junk food and riding roller coasters which apparently have the side effect of making humans “lose” their food. Humans are so interesting…

My hypothesis is correct that wherever there are humans or a human point of interest, there will be Curios. I realize now that humans have more potential than I had originally thought. After all, Curios energy seems to be generated by them and their natural inclination to be curious about the world around them, despite their insistence to be occupied by their smartphones.

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 248

Ice Cream Sandwich (1).gif

I am in still recovering from my battle with the Boredoneons. I cannot shake the fear that they will come again to Earth. Nathan must have sensed my worries because he insisted we go to Downtown Palo Alto. He said I need “comfort food.” Needless to say, I was curious to see what he meant by food that is comfortable. Did humans use food as a blanket or some cushion? Last I sat on Nathan’s burrito, he did not seem that happy. Perhaps it is a different class of food.

Nathan first introduced me to Sushirrito, which he says is the combination of sushi and a burrito. These humans have such strange food predilections. We proceeded to try go into shops that sell sweets called macarons and  cookie ice cream sandwiches. These food inventions may be odd, but I must say I am growing to like these sweet desserts on Earth. Our last stop was a place that sold boba, a drink that humans are willing to stand in a crowded, small shop for. I must say that boba is by far the best thing I have discovered since landing on this planet. I must share this amazing discovery with my fellow CurioPets. This time, none of these foods had an ability to be used as a blanket or cushion.

All in all, this was a far decent day that I had expected, though this is something I would not tell my underling human in the event he would lessen his efforts to take me to Curios-heavy areas. We will have to keep exploring! It seems that Earth is not the worst place to end up on for my mission, but it is still no Curia. At the very least, it is home to the mighty boba.

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 247

Blowing in Wind.gif

We're under attack! Out of nowhere, it appeared through a portal! Planet Earth may not be my planet but I will be darned if those treacherous, persistent Boredoneons claim another planet to destroy!

I wondered if there was a way to find help. Could I reach the rest of the guild in time? Naturally, I was worried about my human underling, Nathan. Not only was I alone in this battle, but I now had a delicate human to look after! That’s what I thought, anyway, but Nathan was surprisingly quick on his feet and helped me utilize the Curios we have gathered in the previous days to launch a solid full-frontal attack!

For now, we have kept the Boredoneons at bay but I am unsure if their ship had contacted the rest of the fleet to my whereabouts. This is troubling because I am fatigued and injured from battle and need to gather more Curios not only for my recovery but for any impending battle in the event they will come for me again. Nathan and I will have to travel to more places in search for Curios as soon as possible.

- Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 246

Bike Dude.gif

As the days pass, I find myself more and more homesick for Curia. In turn, I find myself impatient with Nathan when we do not find any Curios on our excursions. I often compare Earth to Curia when I speak to Nathan, especially because I find Earth crowded, dirty, and ever so inefficient in everything.

Today, we were at Union Square in San Francisco, walking past so many humans who seem more consumed by thin little boxes---”smartphones” Nathan calls them--than by all the things around them, waiting to be explored. While in Union Square, I got a ride on what is called a bike. I don’t see why these humans use such slow vehicles - my ship is far superior in speed, cargo, and style.

I think it may be best to not think about Curia and focus on my goals of obtaining Curios and learning more about Earth. As my journey continues, my hope that Earth can be the new safe haven for the CurioPets grows. I just pray that the Boredoneons will not find me before I complete my journey. Perhaps it is just my way of keeping Curia alive.

~ Coop signing off