Captain’s Log: Day 239


I don’t understand why most humans live in dense little boxes that reek of chemicals and so few sleep out in the open air. After claiming Nathan as my underling, he showed me around the area known as the Presidio. The monument that was linked to the giant Curio sphere is known as the Golden Gate Bridge. These humans may be smart enough to create such a feat of engineering but they appear to be color blind.

After I absorbed the Curios from the sphere, I transferred them to the Wuntu Tree on my island for a Shiro Berry. He seemed shocked that I was able to transfer the curious energy to the Wuntu Tree in exchange for food. Nathan stated that he was hungry, so I created another Shiro Berry for him, but he was unable to eat it. He claimed that this district called the Mission had the best ‘tacos’ which he explained to be a crunchy shell containing various ingredients. I don’t understand why he requires such convoluted food, yet I must make sure my underling doesn’t go hungry.

Upon reaching the Mission, Nathan ordered some tacos using some dirty green paper. I don’t understand how such a disgusting object can be exchanged for food. I took my seat on the roof of the food box, but Nathan yelled for me to come down stating that was not allowed. These humans have stupid rules. As Nathan started yelling about me sitting on his ‘burrito’ (it was very warm and comfortable) I pondered how such an interesting culture developed among these life forms. It appears I have much to learn.

~ Coop signing off