Captain’s Log: Day 240


Nathan is more curious than I thought. As we continued our trek around San Francisco collecting Curios, Nathan asked to learn more about my home planet Curia. I explained that Curia is an orange and purple planet covered in Wuntu Trees that are powered the core of the planet. My necklace contains a shard of the core, Curiode, and gives me the ability to absorb Curios.

After my planet was attacked and robbed of Curios by the Boredoneons, it began to crumble and fall apart. My island is one of the many chunks of Curia that broke away. My exploration guild composes of several adventurous CurioPets who are helping me search the Universe for a new source of Curios.

As I finished explaining, we arrived at Ghirardelli Square. Nathan explained that Ghiradelli is a famous ‘chocolate’ factory that produces these brown sweet treats. I was skeptical at first, but grew to like the sweet chocolate. Still, I feel sorry that humans must work to earn filthy green paper to exchange for food. If only they had a tree that grew green paper for them just as my tree provides me with food.

~Coop signing off