Captain’s Log: Day 241


Another day on Earth is another day I wonder how humans can function without a Wuntu Tree. I found out how humans acquire clothing. This morning, Nathan frantically told me that he has no clean clothes for something called a “job interview” in the afternoon. We embarked on a journey, which Nathan called “shopping” to seek these coveted clean clothes. Job interviews are apparently a test, a battle of skill and cunning, in which humans partake in to be able to earn their green papers. I thank the Universe everyday I have been here that I was not born into this human existence.

While shopping, I observed other humans grabbing clothing before going into a smaller room with even smaller compartments. In these smaller compartments, Nathan tried on several items. I find common human ritual to be very inefficient. Humans need to get Wuntu Trees to make custom fit clothing for them. Idecided to try to blend in with the humans by trying on items given to me by the Wuntu tree. After exchanging the Curios for some glasses, we decided to take a short nap in a park.

I bet if I was human I would have won the battle of the job interviews above the others! If only Nathan had such an advantage for his upcoming battle! Next, I will have to show Nathan what other things the Wuntu tree can make!

~ Coop signing off