Captain’s Log: Day 242


My confusion that humans live in smelly boxes called “houses” and pay for them with green paper continued to grow. Nathan seems to be another illogical human living in a box.

Just when I was starting to regret my traveling companion, Nathan explained humans like to live in houses for many reasons. One of which is that humans like to decorate their homes for self-expression. We explored a Japanese Tea Garden while continuing the conversation on decorations. I decided to study this human behavior myself and gave the Wuntu Tree some Curios in return for furniture. While waiting for the decorations, we decided to take a short nap - exploring is tiring stuff. After choosing a few items, I moved them around my room inside the Wuntu Tree.

I found the exercise surprisingly therapeutic, yet equally frustrating. Why do humans enjoy agonizing over what furniture goes with other furniture? I realized I was wasting time and needed to focus on finding more Curios. Still, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to continue this human study.

~Coop signing off