Captain's Log: Day 243

Looking at Lake.gif

Eureka! I have found a rare item! I was wandering around Golden Gate Park when I stumbled upon a Bronze Crown and a Golden Scepter! Earth really may be a viable source for all our needs after all! It may be that I can call the rest of the exploration guild  to come and scavenge for items here.

I was in such a great mood that I spend the rest of the day at “Strawberry Hill” relaxing. I saw some humans riding small boats and after jumping on one, I commented on how my ship is much bigger.I met some interesting creatures known as ducks and decided to jump in the water with them. Nathan mentioned that there are other Earth life-forms spend their whole lives in water. How fascinating! Before becoming distracted with wonder, I forced myself to go back to my island to stow the Bronze Crown and Golden Scepter away for safekeeping. After doing so,  Nathan pointed out that Strawberry Hill is a small island in the the middle of the park that appeared to be man made. When I inquired if all island on Earth are man-made, Nathan explained that Earth is covered by large bodies of water called oceans and the majority of islands are either volcanic or tectonic in origin. Because I was not familiar with half of the words he mentioned, he spent a long time explaining what oceans, volcanoes, and tectonics are - he may be smarter than I thought.

When he asked how my island was formed, I grew quiet as it’s a topic that brings me great sorrow. The island I live on is a small chunk of my home planet, Curia, which exploded long ago. My Wuntu Tree keeps the island flourishing and alive, but needs constant nourishment from the Curios I collect. But rather than dwelling in sadness, I decided to keep my head up and continue the search for more Curios. Today is a day to celebrate a small victory -  a Bronze Crown and a Golden Scepter! How unexpected from such a primitive planet!

~Coop signing off