Captain’s Log: Day 244

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Fisherman's Wharf.gif



The ocean is amazing! What a huge body of water! Nathan surprised me by taking me to Fisherman’s Wharf. He knew I found being near the water fascinating because of the other creatures that live down below. After peacefully observing the ocean for some time, I asked Nathan how the Earth came to be part ocean and part land. He explained to me that this transformation happened over a millions of years and was just a natural progression of the aging of the planet. Though this planet is not as advanced as Curia, it proves to be more and more interesting the longer I am here!

Today, I graciously indulged Nathan by telling him about my ship since he wanted to know how it got me to Earth. Nathan is getting wiser the more time I spend with him and, as a mentor, it is my mission to educate him. I explained to him that my ship is one of the many in the fleet of my exploration guild. The ship was constructed by the wood from a Wuntu tree and is powered by Curios. My ship not only has the ability to fly through the air and open portals for interdimensional travel, but it also has the ability to change shape and size to adapt to the environment. His enthusiasm in understanding more about Curios was interrupted by dancing metallic man. Perhaps next time, I will have him learn more about Curia and the origin of Curios energy.

~Coop signing off