Captain’s Log: Day 245


Today marks the end of my first week on Earth. I am quite surprised that this planet continues to generate so much Curios. As I absorbed it with my necklace, I decided it may be a good day to have Nathan learn more about Curios, especially if he can assist me in finding a frequent supply.

Curious energy, I explained to Nathan, appears at points of interest on Earth. The more people gather together and carry some innate curiosity for the things around them, the more Curios are generated. Curios collect together in dense Curio spheres at the focus of points of interest. I have been collecting Curios by absorbing some of the excess energy at the Curio spheres around San Francisco. As more people visit and spread their curiosity, the size of the Curio sphere grows. Nathan suggested going to places considered beautiful by humans since it naturally fosters curiosity. So, we decided to go to a place called Grace Cathedral. It was beautiful indeed! I was told humans may also come here not only to marvel at its beauty but may also visit to work on their spirituality.

This prompted me to discuss with Nathan what us CurioPets consider sacred - exploration. We live on and are driven by continual discovery. It is our goal to learn everything there is to learn about the universe. I find it interesting how humans share our desire to explore and learn more about the world around them. Admittedly, the more I look for Curios and learn about humans, the more they surprise me. Perhaps one day CurioPets can travel the Earth with their human companions…

~ Coop signing off