Captain's Log: Day 246

Bike Dude.gif

As the days pass, I find myself more and more homesick for Curia. In turn, I find myself impatient with Nathan when we do not find any Curios on our excursions. I often compare Earth to Curia when I speak to Nathan, especially because I find Earth crowded, dirty, and ever so inefficient in everything.

Today, we were at Union Square in San Francisco, walking past so many humans who seem more consumed by thin little boxes---”smartphones” Nathan calls them--than by all the things around them, waiting to be explored. While in Union Square, I got a ride on what is called a bike. I don’t see why these humans use such slow vehicles - my ship is far superior in speed, cargo, and style.

I think it may be best to not think about Curia and focus on my goals of obtaining Curios and learning more about Earth. As my journey continues, my hope that Earth can be the new safe haven for the CurioPets grows. I just pray that the Boredoneons will not find me before I complete my journey. Perhaps it is just my way of keeping Curia alive.

~ Coop signing off