Captain's Log: Day 247

Blowing in Wind.gif

We're under attack! Out of nowhere, it appeared through a portal! Planet Earth may not be my planet but I will be darned if those treacherous, persistent Boredoneons claim another planet to destroy!

I wondered if there was a way to find help. Could I reach the rest of the guild in time? Naturally, I was worried about my human underling, Nathan. Not only was I alone in this battle, but I now had a delicate human to look after! That’s what I thought, anyway, but Nathan was surprisingly quick on his feet and helped me utilize the Curios we have gathered in the previous days to launch a solid full-frontal attack!

For now, we have kept the Boredoneons at bay but I am unsure if their ship had contacted the rest of the fleet to my whereabouts. This is troubling because I am fatigued and injured from battle and need to gather more Curios not only for my recovery but for any impending battle in the event they will come for me again. Nathan and I will have to travel to more places in search for Curios as soon as possible.

- Coop signing off