Captain's Log: Day 248

Ice Cream Sandwich (1).gif

I am in still recovering from my battle with the Boredoneons. I cannot shake the fear that they will come again to Earth. Nathan must have sensed my worries because he insisted we go to Downtown Palo Alto. He said I need “comfort food.” Needless to say, I was curious to see what he meant by food that is comfortable. Did humans use food as a blanket or some cushion? Last I sat on Nathan’s burrito, he did not seem that happy. Perhaps it is a different class of food.

Nathan first introduced me to Sushirrito, which he says is the combination of sushi and a burrito. These humans have such strange food predilections. We proceeded to try go into shops that sell sweets called macarons and  cookie ice cream sandwiches. These food inventions may be odd, but I must say I am growing to like these sweet desserts on Earth. Our last stop was a place that sold boba, a drink that humans are willing to stand in a crowded, small shop for. I must say that boba is by far the best thing I have discovered since landing on this planet. I must share this amazing discovery with my fellow CurioPets. This time, none of these foods had an ability to be used as a blanket or cushion.

All in all, this was a far decent day that I had expected, though this is something I would not tell my underling human in the event he would lessen his efforts to take me to Curios-heavy areas. We will have to keep exploring! It seems that Earth is not the worst place to end up on for my mission, but it is still no Curia. At the very least, it is home to the mighty boba.

~ Coop signing off