Captain's Log: Day 249

Making Smoothie.gif

My Curios reserves continue to remain depleted. While there are resources here in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco area, it may be time to explore other places to see if there may be Curios outside this area. If the answer is yes, then it would be worth seeking back-up from the rest of the exploration guild to mine the planet.


We decided to go to a place called “Santa Cruz,” which is an approximately an hour drive from where Nathan lives. Nathan thought it would please me as well that Santa Cruz is a place where I can further observe the ocean. There were definitely Curios here. Large groups of people flocked to the area to visit what is called Boardwalk. They had several machines which people rode out of amusement. Nathan explained that humans go to places called amusement parks to have fun by eating junk food and riding roller coasters which apparently have the side effect of making humans “lose” their food. Humans are so interesting…

My hypothesis is correct that wherever there are humans or a human point of interest, there will be Curios. I realize now that humans have more potential than I had originally thought. After all, Curios energy seems to be generated by them and their natural inclination to be curious about the world around them, despite their insistence to be occupied by their smartphones.

~ Coop signing off