Captain's Log: Day 251


Today we explored Stanford University, a large campus that he attends for school. I find the idea of an educational institution quite interesting. Us CurioPets simply learn from satiating our curiosity from the experiences we gain through our travels.

While I accept that collective knowledge can be shared and supplementary resources can be provided through such institutions, I find that they partially limit one's curiosity by confining the students to small rooms called classes. I decided to sit in on a so called class with Nathan. I've never been so bored in my life. The topic of discussion, the etymology behind certain foods of different human cultures was quite interesting, but I found the dialogue constrained. I felt the curiosity seeping out of me when I sat up and told everyone that we should move the conversation to a culinary location in order to experience such first hand. I was promptly kicked out of the class. Honestly I was glad I was kicked out because I was starting to fall asleep.

I think humans have much to learn in the ways of educating. Nathan told me that the majority of classes at Stanford are much more engaging and hands on, however, most school in the US have even more boring classroom environments. I can't believe that is even possible. It seems that I have another job on my hands - help cultivate human's curiosity. These educational systems are failing to cultivate that which encourages learning - curiosity. Severe reform is needed in order to address this alarming issue which effects the population's youth and future. But that's enough for today. For now I'm going to go look for some boba to perk me back up.

~ Coop signing off