Captain's Log: Day 252


Today, I planted my Curio seed. This seed will grow into a new hub for curiosity to spawn and provide me with Curios directly even if I'm not nearby. I wanted to wait before doing this but it seems that we cannot take any chances with the recent Boredoneon attack. They could attack at any moment and we had to be ready.

Nathan seemed a little irritated that I never told him about the Curios seed and I explained to him that I only had one seed with which to plant. In order to gain more seeds to create my own hub, I needed to collect far more Curios. One must satiate their curiosity deeply before they can share it with others. I planned on planting several more on Earth before I departed on my next journey. But, now I question what my next journey will be... 

Despite planting my Curios seed, I’ll urge Nathan to take me to another Curios-heavy location tomorrow. I need to start gaining more energy in order to plant another one. After a long day of collecting, we finished off with a meal called Poke. Humans have such strange ways for naming their foods.

~ Coop signing off