Captain's Log: Day 254


Nathan and I visited The Mission today to see “The Lilac Mural Project,” a collection of street art that local humans do. Nathan explained to me that visual art, such as painting and drawing, are another way that humans express themselves. I hurt my paw on a piece of debris while walking. Against my numerous complaints, Nathan picked me up and carried me throughout the rest of the Mission so I could continue to collect Curios.

As we walked around the Mission, we collected several Curios that gathered around several buildings with wall-art. I am amazed by how many Curios have gathered in such a dense area. Nathan explained that San Francisco is one of the many cities in the state of California, which is one of the 50 states in the country called USA, which is one of the 195 countries on Earth. I can't imagine how many Curio spheres must be scattered all across the world.

The longer I stay on Earth, the more confident that I am that this location is suitable for my fellow CurioPets to inhabit. Not only is this planet abundant in Curios, but it also has boba! I'm sure my fellow CurioPets will love this sugary drink as much as I do! Furthermore, I think that humans may be helpful companions to travel with. Nathan may move slowly, have a poor sense of smell, and rely on his phone device, but I must say he is quite knowledgable, curious, and kind. I believe that one day we may come to be friends...

~ Coop signing off