Captain's Log: Day 253

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Off to the beach! To celebrate the planting of our first Curio seed, we headed to Half Moon Bay to collect all the Curios in the area. It was a long drive, but the view was amazing! Earth really is beautiful. Nathan stopped for lunch in this train car, which I found quite odd.

Afterwards, we headed to the beach and walked along the coast collecting Curios. I found a nice spot atop a hill where I rested and sunbathed. While walking along the coastside, Nathan found some interesting seashells, I added them to my collection. He also found a beach ball and we faced off in a grueling match of a game of "Volleyball" For a two legged creature, he was a worthy adversary.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted from running around and absorbing Curios. We returned to this restaurant near Nathan's home called Zareen's. The food was quite nice. I was more interested however in their free Chai tea, which tasted like hot boba. I prefer the cold one with the black balls more. I look forward to another day of adventure and hopefully boba.

~ Coop signing off