Captain’s Log: Day 245


Today marks the end of my first week on Earth. I am quite surprised that this planet continues to generate so much Curios. As I absorbed it with my necklace, I decided it may be a good day to have Nathan learn more about Curios, especially if he can assist me in finding a frequent supply.

Curious energy, I explained to Nathan, appears at points of interest on Earth. The more people gather together and carry some innate curiosity for the things around them, the more Curios are generated. Curios collect together in dense Curio spheres at the focus of points of interest. I have been collecting Curios by absorbing some of the excess energy at the Curio spheres around San Francisco. As more people visit and spread their curiosity, the size of the Curio sphere grows. Nathan suggested going to places considered beautiful by humans since it naturally fosters curiosity. So, we decided to go to a place called Grace Cathedral. It was beautiful indeed! I was told humans may also come here not only to marvel at its beauty but may also visit to work on their spirituality.

This prompted me to discuss with Nathan what us CurioPets consider sacred - exploration. We live on and are driven by continual discovery. It is our goal to learn everything there is to learn about the universe. I find it interesting how humans share our desire to explore and learn more about the world around them. Admittedly, the more I look for Curios and learn about humans, the more they surprise me. Perhaps one day CurioPets can travel the Earth with their human companions…

~ Coop signing off

Captain’s Log: Day 244

Dancing Silver Man.gif
Fisherman's Wharf.gif



The ocean is amazing! What a huge body of water! Nathan surprised me by taking me to Fisherman’s Wharf. He knew I found being near the water fascinating because of the other creatures that live down below. After peacefully observing the ocean for some time, I asked Nathan how the Earth came to be part ocean and part land. He explained to me that this transformation happened over a millions of years and was just a natural progression of the aging of the planet. Though this planet is not as advanced as Curia, it proves to be more and more interesting the longer I am here!

Today, I graciously indulged Nathan by telling him about my ship since he wanted to know how it got me to Earth. Nathan is getting wiser the more time I spend with him and, as a mentor, it is my mission to educate him. I explained to him that my ship is one of the many in the fleet of my exploration guild. The ship was constructed by the wood from a Wuntu tree and is powered by Curios. My ship not only has the ability to fly through the air and open portals for interdimensional travel, but it also has the ability to change shape and size to adapt to the environment. His enthusiasm in understanding more about Curios was interrupted by dancing metallic man. Perhaps next time, I will have him learn more about Curia and the origin of Curios energy.

~Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 243

Looking at Lake.gif

Eureka! I have found a rare item! I was wandering around Golden Gate Park when I stumbled upon a Bronze Crown and a Golden Scepter! Earth really may be a viable source for all our needs after all! It may be that I can call the rest of the exploration guild  to come and scavenge for items here.

I was in such a great mood that I spend the rest of the day at “Strawberry Hill” relaxing. I saw some humans riding small boats and after jumping on one, I commented on how my ship is much bigger.I met some interesting creatures known as ducks and decided to jump in the water with them. Nathan mentioned that there are other Earth life-forms spend their whole lives in water. How fascinating! Before becoming distracted with wonder, I forced myself to go back to my island to stow the Bronze Crown and Golden Scepter away for safekeeping. After doing so,  Nathan pointed out that Strawberry Hill is a small island in the the middle of the park that appeared to be man made. When I inquired if all island on Earth are man-made, Nathan explained that Earth is covered by large bodies of water called oceans and the majority of islands are either volcanic or tectonic in origin. Because I was not familiar with half of the words he mentioned, he spent a long time explaining what oceans, volcanoes, and tectonics are - he may be smarter than I thought.

When he asked how my island was formed, I grew quiet as it’s a topic that brings me great sorrow. The island I live on is a small chunk of my home planet, Curia, which exploded long ago. My Wuntu Tree keeps the island flourishing and alive, but needs constant nourishment from the Curios I collect. But rather than dwelling in sadness, I decided to keep my head up and continue the search for more Curios. Today is a day to celebrate a small victory -  a Bronze Crown and a Golden Scepter! How unexpected from such a primitive planet!

~Coop signing off

Captain’s Log: Day 242


My confusion that humans live in smelly boxes called “houses” and pay for them with green paper continued to grow. Nathan seems to be another illogical human living in a box.

Just when I was starting to regret my traveling companion, Nathan explained humans like to live in houses for many reasons. One of which is that humans like to decorate their homes for self-expression. We explored a Japanese Tea Garden while continuing the conversation on decorations. I decided to study this human behavior myself and gave the Wuntu Tree some Curios in return for furniture. While waiting for the decorations, we decided to take a short nap - exploring is tiring stuff. After choosing a few items, I moved them around my room inside the Wuntu Tree.

I found the exercise surprisingly therapeutic, yet equally frustrating. Why do humans enjoy agonizing over what furniture goes with other furniture? I realized I was wasting time and needed to focus on finding more Curios. Still, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to continue this human study.

~Coop signing off

Captain’s Log: Day 241


Another day on Earth is another day I wonder how humans can function without a Wuntu Tree. I found out how humans acquire clothing. This morning, Nathan frantically told me that he has no clean clothes for something called a “job interview” in the afternoon. We embarked on a journey, which Nathan called “shopping” to seek these coveted clean clothes. Job interviews are apparently a test, a battle of skill and cunning, in which humans partake in to be able to earn their green papers. I thank the Universe everyday I have been here that I was not born into this human existence.

While shopping, I observed other humans grabbing clothing before going into a smaller room with even smaller compartments. In these smaller compartments, Nathan tried on several items. I find common human ritual to be very inefficient. Humans need to get Wuntu Trees to make custom fit clothing for them. Idecided to try to blend in with the humans by trying on items given to me by the Wuntu tree. After exchanging the Curios for some glasses, we decided to take a short nap in a park.

I bet if I was human I would have won the battle of the job interviews above the others! If only Nathan had such an advantage for his upcoming battle! Next, I will have to show Nathan what other things the Wuntu tree can make!

~ Coop signing off

Captain’s Log: Day 240


Nathan is more curious than I thought. As we continued our trek around San Francisco collecting Curios, Nathan asked to learn more about my home planet Curia. I explained that Curia is an orange and purple planet covered in Wuntu Trees that are powered the core of the planet. My necklace contains a shard of the core, Curiode, and gives me the ability to absorb Curios.

After my planet was attacked and robbed of Curios by the Boredoneons, it began to crumble and fall apart. My island is one of the many chunks of Curia that broke away. My exploration guild composes of several adventurous CurioPets who are helping me search the Universe for a new source of Curios.

As I finished explaining, we arrived at Ghirardelli Square. Nathan explained that Ghiradelli is a famous ‘chocolate’ factory that produces these brown sweet treats. I was skeptical at first, but grew to like the sweet chocolate. Still, I feel sorry that humans must work to earn filthy green paper to exchange for food. If only they had a tree that grew green paper for them just as my tree provides me with food.

~Coop signing off

Captain’s Log: Day 239


I don’t understand why most humans live in dense little boxes that reek of chemicals and so few sleep out in the open air. After claiming Nathan as my underling, he showed me around the area known as the Presidio. The monument that was linked to the giant Curio sphere is known as the Golden Gate Bridge. These humans may be smart enough to create such a feat of engineering but they appear to be color blind.

After I absorbed the Curios from the sphere, I transferred them to the Wuntu Tree on my island for a Shiro Berry. He seemed shocked that I was able to transfer the curious energy to the Wuntu Tree in exchange for food. Nathan stated that he was hungry, so I created another Shiro Berry for him, but he was unable to eat it. He claimed that this district called the Mission had the best ‘tacos’ which he explained to be a crunchy shell containing various ingredients. I don’t understand why he requires such convoluted food, yet I must make sure my underling doesn’t go hungry.

Upon reaching the Mission, Nathan ordered some tacos using some dirty green paper. I don’t understand how such a disgusting object can be exchanged for food. I took my seat on the roof of the food box, but Nathan yelled for me to come down stating that was not allowed. These humans have stupid rules. As Nathan started yelling about me sitting on his ‘burrito’ (it was very warm and comfortable) I pondered how such an interesting culture developed among these life forms. It appears I have much to learn.

~ Coop signing off

Captain's Log: Day 238


Today I discovered a small blue planet called Earth. Upon descending on Earth, I met a somewhat intelligent life-form by the name of Nathan. Nathan is a homosapien, colloquially known as a human. Surprisingly, this two-legged life-form had the intelligence to speak and shares my desire to explore the world.

While explaining the destruction of my home planet Curia, I discovered a large Curio sphere floating above some monument. After exploring the region known as San Francisco with Nathan, I discovered that Earth has an abundance of other Curio spheres and life forms who share our kind’s curiosity.

I decided that I would adopt Nathan as my underling and command him to escort me to other population dense locations around San Francisco. This small planet full of rubbish may be the hope we have been looking for. I hope for the best.

~ Coop signing off