Weekly competition

Create an account on CurioPets and earn points to increase your rank! Points can be earned by visiting various locations in CurioPets, completing quests by exchanging items collected while traveling, and inviting friends to  explore with you!

The top ranking player will be announced every Wednesday at 9pm PST starting January 17, 2018. If there is a tie for top player, the prize will be split amongst the winners.


How to win

  • Increase your rank by collecting treasure and exploring with friends!
  • Treasure can be found at various locations across the world
  • Press the blue mountain icon on the right side to open Quest
  • View your rank at the top of the Quest page
  • Treasure can be found at locations marked orange
  • View your current quest at the bottom of the Quest page
  • Collect the quest item(s) by visiting the orange locations
  • When you're at a location, walk around until the blue tab on the left appears
  • Click the tab to claim your items
  • Once you've collected the quest item(s), press Exchange to complete
  • Invite other friends by clicking the red present icon on the right hand side

Explorer of the week

Start increasing your rank to become the first top explorer!