I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty pumped to try this out. Full disclosure, I have a highly addictive personality and I’m legitimately scared this game is going to take over my life
— TechCrunch, Megan Dickey

Imagine if your adorable puppy or kitty could stay cute forever... Through CurioPets, an app built with Apple’s ARKit, this may soon be possible!
— Huffington Post, Alfred Hamilton

Curiopets is fun, engaging, ever changing, interactive... This is the beginning of a massive change – begin with Curiopets and see where it takes you.
— The Silicon Valley Story, Ann Bradley

If you miss the days of caring for your Tamagotchi then CurioPets is the AR experience you’ve been waiting for...
— UploadVR - David Jagneaux

CurioPets sounds like a great way to have the cuteness of the dogs along with interesting and fun games that make it more than your average virtual pet app.
— Next Reality - Juliet Gallagher

CurioPets is an Augmented Reality pet simulator ARKit game that encourages real world exploration. Using AR, you can dress, care, play, and take pictures with your virtual pet in the real world!
— ARKit World

I never touched Pokemon Go, perhaps for the same reason I’ve steered clear of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Switch game: For fear it will take over my life. But it’s been nearly two decades since I last resurrected a dead digital animal, and the wagging tail of pixelated Coop the Explorer is just too cute to ignore. So, goodbye personal responsibilities, and hello virtually furry friend!
—, Stephanie Mlot

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