CurioPets Tutorial

Thanks for downloading CurioPets! In case you skipped past the tutorial, you can reference this website to learn how to use the app. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us. We hope you enjoy the game!


Summon your pet

To get started, face your phone towards a flat and well lit object. Slowly move your phone around to scan the environment until you see the progress bar increase. Once it increases, hold still until it is complete and your pet jumps out to greet you.

If the bar freezes, try moving your phone around a different location. Please note that reflective surfaces do not work well with AR apps. 

Navigating the game

To interact with your pet, swipe on the screen to adjust your selection. Click the icon on the floor in front of the main ring to select the option. Click the exit button below the option name to go to the previous option.

To go on quests, join events, add friends, play mini-games, buy items, or manage settings, click the button with 3 lines on the right of the screen.

Collecting Curios

Your pet will slowly gain Curios over time. However, your pet will gain Curios much faster if you visit a Curio location or connect to play with friends. By completing quests and participating in events you can gain Curios and have a chance at gaining Curiode and rare items. Curiode can be used to buy rare or limited edition items.

You can use the Curios you collect to buy several items at the store including food, clothing, and decorations for your pet's room. You can manage your inventory and sell extra items from the store as well.

Caring for your pet

Keep your pet happy and full by feeding and playing with it daily. You can view it's affection and hunger meter on the red and green ring next to the blue experience ring to the right of your pet's level.

You can Feed and Dress your pet or Decorate its room from the circular menu around your pet. You can also change your pet's appearance using the Transform option. Use the Curios and Curiode you collect to unlock new appearances!