CurioPets is a multiplayer AR pet mobile game.

Play, customize, and travel with the cutest virtual pet! Earn cool items to dress your pet and deck out your pet’s room by collecting the curious energy surrounding various locations across the world. Become the top ranking explorer by traveling to collect hidden treasure, complete quests, and invite more friends to play and travel with.


Another world lies on the other side of reality

CurioPets takes place in your home, your neighborhood, your friend's house, your city, your world. In this reality, creatures known as CurioPets travel the world with human companions to collect curious energy and discover hidden treasure. This reality merges with ours through the power of AR. Explore this new reality by using your phone as the looking glass that enables you to see your companion and the reality it lives in.


Curious energy surrounds various locations across the world

Curious energy, also known as Curios, is generated by the innate curiosity of living beings. This energy condenses in Curio Spheres at specific locations such as parks, monuments, buildings, and other historical landmarks. New Curio Spheres appear and grow larger when a place of interest becomes popular as more people visit. By traveling to such locations, your pet can find rare items and absorb Curios to increase it's exploration ranking and use the Curios to buy yummy treats, stylish outfits, cool decorations, and more!

Play a game with your pet or challenge your friends 


Using AR technology, you can play games with your pet like Beach Bounce, Island Defense, or Balloon Arena. Challenge your friend's pet in multiplayer mode and battle it out against each other to increase your rank and earn more Curios!



Use Curios to buy cool outfits to dress your pet


Try out various hats, glasses, and other apparel to dress your pet. With hundreds of styles and colors to pick from, there are over a thousand different outfit combinations. Collect unique and rare outfits on your travels to show your friends whose pet has the most swag.


Use Curios to buy furniture or collect items to decorate your room


Your CurioPet lives on a floating island inside the large tree at the center. You can go inside and see through the eyes of your pet as you walk around and decorate your pet's room! Use Curios to buy furniture and decorations at the store or place unique items you collect throughout you travel in your room!



Yummy treats and fun activities


You can buy several different types of berries, nuts, roots, and treats to feed your pet by transferring Curios at the store! Feed your pet daily to make sure it doesn't get too hungry! Also, make sure to play with your pet daily to keep it affectionate towards you! You can make your pet happy by rubbing it, playing fetch, or performing tricks!




made with Apple arkit

In order to provide the best experience for our users, we utilize the latest Augmented Reality software.
While this limits our app to iOS devices only, we plan on deploying an Android version in the near future.